Win News – Repower Shoalhaven

Dairy farmers, big solar, community owned, all in a marginal seat – what’s not to like? Great story on Repower Shoalhaven and their third round of investment and renewable energy.

There’s nothing quite like real projects in real places to get people excited about community renewables. Regional TV are often looking for local stories that have a visual element – even just going to the site of where the renewables are planned is often enough. Contact us if you’d like to have a go at getting some TV media for your project.

A community organisation is combining people power with solar panels, to ease the financial burden on South Coast business operators.'Repower Shoalhaven' is seeking community investment, to fund the third round of its unique community solar project.

Posted by WIN News Illawarra on Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Guardian – Totally Renewable Yackandandah

The fantastic team at Totally Renewable Yackandandah (TRY) got in quickly with this great opinion piece in the Guardian by TRY President Matthew Charles-Jones.

There are so many great aspects of this article, but this quote stood out for us “While policy makers dither and draft lifeless strategies, those outside of the political bubble have no time to waste as they already face the realities of climate change on a daily basis.”

There’s huge power in Community Energy Groups like Totally Renewable Yackandandah sharing their story like this. Of course there’s the readers, but during an election, the local candidates are very much tuned to anything that’s been said by constituents in their electorate.

If you’re a member of a community renewable group, even if you’re just at the start of your journey, consider writing an opinion piece like this for your local paper. When it gets published, send it to all the candidates.

Read the full opinion piece in the Guardian here.