CPA Directors at a community solar farm

Community Power Agency

Driving a faster & fairer transition to clean energy

Current Project Highlights:

Blue Mountains Renewable Energy Co-op with Community Power Agency directors at their project in Lawson, NSW.
Community Power Agency Director Dr. Jarra Hicks at a community solar farm near Canberra.

Expertise that enables

At the Community Power Agency, we believe that local, people-powered clean energy projects will bring lasting benefits to communities across Australia.

We care about achieving a transition to clean energy that benefits everyone, regardless of where you live, or what you earn.

Together we are powerful – and now is the time to act on climate change.

We are dedicated to supporting communities to take the power back and develop and deliver their own clean energy projects. Let’s work together.

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CPA offers a range of project consulting services and partners with industry to engage communities and ensure benefits are shared locally.

Workshops & Training

We design and deliver interactive workshops and ongoing training to build knowledge, skills and capacity to support your organisation or renewable energy project.


CPA develops innovative business models and undertakes research on the various dimensions of community energy to ensure equity and access for all.

Advocacy & POLICY

We engage in sector level advocacy, policy development and analysis that supports the growth of community energy in Australia.

CPA Directors Elizabeth, Nicky & Jarra at a windfarm


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