Workshops & Training

The Community Power Agency delivers workshops and training sessions and provides tailored advice to advance your community energy project. Whether you’re a grassroots community group, a renewables developer or government agency, we can work with you to develop processes and content that suits your needs.

We offer discrete support or ongoing partnerships with our clients that bring insight and links into community energy projects and best practice case studies from across the world.

We specialise in working collaboratively with diverse audiences, through communication and mentoring, to develop bold visions for a common future. Enabling participation in the energy transition is fundamental to our work and one of our great organisational strengths.

With many years experience in group facilitation and community organising; our aim is to provide practical, clear and effective information which empowers people to act.

Through our workshops and trainings, Community Power Agency has supported more than 50 community energy groups to take the power back and develop and deliver their own clean energy projects.

Tom facilitating a workshop at Community Energy Congress 2017

The team at Community Power Agency ran a business model workshop for our group, the workshop was instrumental in helping us navigate the maze of community energy models and legal structures and it gave our team a clear direction towards implementing our first community investment solar project. Thanks CPA!

Dan Cowdell
Geelong Sustainability
Upcoming workshops

Socially Responsible RE Development Short Course

A short professional development course aimed at enhancing participants skills to deliver effective community engagement and appropriate benefit sharing in the current context. This first-of-its-kind course tailored to the renewable energy industry will enable better understanding of social licence and is delivered using
best-practice examples from leading practitioners.

Community Energy Project Inception Workshop

This workshop will clarify your group’s vision and objectives, and develop clear and united plan for action. It will also ensure that your entire core team is skilled up to enable your project to move forward with cohesion and momentum.

Community Energy Business Model Development Workshop

Drawing on Community Power Agency’s in-depth understanding of Australian and international community energy business models, and the current energy market context, this workshop will help your group think through the key aspects (social, technical, legal, financial) and relationships essential for creating a viable model of community energy in your area.

Understanding Australia’s Energy Market Training

Community Power Agency runs a short session introducing groups to the basics of how the Australian Energy Market works. Community energy projects are a new way of doing energy, but unfortunately they cannot operate independent from the current system. So learn the basics of the current system in an engaging way. Not sure who’s who in the energy market zoo, don’t know the difference between AEMO and AER, get confused by the alphabet soup of organisations – this short training is for you.


We work collaboratively with community energy project leaders and support them to develop their knowledge and strategies to deliver successful projects through regular mentoring sessions (face-to-face or via video call). Mentoring is tailored to specific needs.

Implementation plans

We can work with community energy groups to systematically step through all the tasks involved in delivering a community energy project and help synthesise this information in an easy to understand implementation plan.

Public speaking – The power & benefit of community energy projects

Our presentations share inspiring stories and strategies of community energy projects across Australia and worldwide and would be suitable for local forums, conferences, festivals, etc. We also paint the picture of what is happening in the community energy sector across Australia and the world, and how it fits into the broader energy landscape.

CPA Directors Elizabeth, Nicky & Jarra at a windfarm


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