About us

We are collaborators. We partner with communities, government and industry. Together we develop projects and research that builds an energy future that is clean, affordable and accessible for everyone.

CPA Directors Elizabeth Noble, Jarra Hicks & Nicky Ison at a wind farm

Our story

The Community Power Agency is a not-for-profit organisation with expertise that enables and advocates for community energy. We support communities across Australia to engage in and benefit from the transition to renewable energy.

Established in 2011, Community Power Agency provides expert advice and support for the development of community energy. We have supported more than 50 community energy groups to develop and deliver their own clean energy projects.

Corena solar PV


Across the world, communities are coming together to respond to fundamental challenges such as climate change, economic hardship and energy access.

They are doing this through creating community-owned and community-run clean energy projects. From wind to solar, bioenergy to hydropower, energy efficiency to microgrids there are thousands of community-owned clean energy projects across the world that are providing energy, income, employment and empowerment to local communities.

CPA Directors Elizabeth, Nicky & Jarra at a windfarm


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