Haystacks Solar Garden Updates

This year the Community Power Agency team has been working hard with Pingala Community Renewables and Komo Energy to pioneer the first large-scale Solar Garden in Australia. It’s shaping up to be groundbreaking in a few key ways.

If we can get it off the ground it will change both the community energy sector and the solar industry in Australia for the better. But we can only do that if we achieve a few things first. Read on to find out how you can help.  

  • Become a Solar Gardener
  • Can your organisation partner with Haystacks for a PPA?
  • Enova joins as partnering electricity retailer
  • We made state-wide TV news!

Become a Solar Gardener

If you live anywhere in NSW you can now join up as a member of the Haystacks Solar Garden Co-op. We’re currently one third of the way to reaching our goal of 400 members by the end of November, we’re aiming to hit this target before we move on to the next phase of making the actual solar plots available to members.

Solar plots are 3kw and expected to be between $4000 to $4200. You’ll receive an on-bill credit each quarter from the sale of electricity from the Solar Garden. Once we have secured the Power Purchase Agreement we’ll have the expected savings each year.

You can read all the details in our disclosure statement on the becoming a member webpage linked in the button below.

Can your organisation partner with Haystacks for a PPA?

If your organisation or one of your affiliates is keen to source its electricity from a project that will fundamentally change the domestic solar market in Australia please review our EOI and return the brief schedule by Tuesday 17 November 5pm.

  • Haystacks Solar Garden will have a 1MW (AC) capacity with an estimated annual yield of 2.7GWh per annum
  • EOI’s are welcomed from both consortiums of smaller organisations to make up the total volume of generation on offer or from larger organisations that require volumes beyond the volume on offer.
  • Ideal organisations would be located in NSW, however other locations will be considered.

Send Kim an email if you are keen to find out more: info@cpagency.org.au

Enova joins as the partnering electricity retailer

We are excited to let you all know that Haystacks Solar Garden has teamed up with the community-owned retailer Enova Energy to provide the on-bill credits to Haystacks members.
Enova was chosen as the participating retailer due to their passion and commitment to community renewable energy, excellent customer service and experience in delivering a small-scale solar garden already.

We are also supported by Enova Community in our fundraising initiative – donations will go towards funding social benefit solar plots and supporting the project come to fruition.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Haystacks Solar Garden head to our website and donate here.

We made State-wide TV news

Recently Kristy was interviewed by 9 News about the Haystacks project. Check it out!

Join us on the journey to creating an Australian first, become a Haystacks member.

Until next time enjoy the sunny times,
From all the team at Community Power Agency: Kristy, Kim, Ella, Elizabeth, Fran and Jarra.

PS. Did you see the huge announcement for NSW to become a Renewables Superpower this week?