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Exciting news, the C4CE Community Energy Congress is back! As the premier event in Australia’s community energy calendar, the 2017 Congress is driven by the desire for people to work together to develop and deliver sustainable, locally owned energy projects. Congress 2017 will bring together up to 800 people, from the experts who pioneered the sector, to those who are just starting their foray into the community energy space, to share information, develop skills, foster new networks, celebrate success and plan for action. There is something for everyone. SO JOIN US AND REGISTER TODAY!

Homegrown Power Plan Released!

HGPP_pic1 Check it out here HGPP_pic2 Take action and email a copy to your local MP.


Community Power Agency is proud to have been a part of developing the Homegrown Power Plan – a joint project of GetUp! and Solar Citizens, co-authored by GetUp’s Miriam Lyons and Community Power Agency’s Nicky Ison. The Plan shows how we can repower Australia with 100% renewable energy by 2030. How? By rebooting our failing electricity system, removing the roadblocks holding us back, and investing in the renewables boom including community energy (see the awesome Community Powerhouses section).


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Outcomes of good community engagement plus the fundamental principles that underpin it.

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About community energy

Community energy is where a community develops, delivers and benefits from sustainable energy projects.  This can include supply-side projects such as renewable energy installations and storage and demand-side projects such as energy efficiency and demand management. Community energy can even include community-based approaches to selling or distributing energy.

C4CE_Vertical_Fulltext The Coalition for Community Energy (C4CE) is a coalition of over 60 organisations working collaboratively to grow a community energy sector in Australia. C4CE was founded using a Collaborative Impact approach; it fosters win-win situations and in so doing is creating a quicker, more efficient path to a community energy sector with hundreds of community energy projects that benefit all Australian communities. Community Power Agency helped found and now coordinates C4CE as the Secretariat.
The Wiki_2 The Wiki, developed and hosted by Embark with contributions from many authors, is the central web repository of resources for community energy guidance and is constantly being updated. With over 250 comprehensive articles, it is the go-to place for the emerging community energy sector in Australia.
NCES_Vertical1 One of the key initiatives of C4CE to date has been the development of a National Community Energy Strategy (NCES). The purpose of the National Community Energy Strategy is as a shared agenda – vision, set of objectives and priority initiatives – to grow a vibrant community energy sector across Australia. The NCES outlines 34 priority initiatives across five key areas. Community Power Agency was a partner in the development of the NCES and we are proud to be working to progress a number of the priority initiatives identified.


About Community Power Agency

Community Power Agency is a social enterprise setup to support the development of a vibrant community energy sector in Australia.

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