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Community Energy Map and Database

Community Power Agency leads a collaborative effort to maintain the most up-to-date database of Australian community energy groups.  This data is then available for publishing into maps, sharing with other data-sets of community energy and for researchers and policy makers.

The Australian community energy database records the Groups (the organisations who organise projects), the Projects (the endeavours which result in sustainable energy installations) and Sites (the individual locations where sustainable energy has been installed).

Map of community energy groups in Australia

This map shows the community energy groups in Australia.

If your community organisation is planning (or has completed) a project to install sustainable energy, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy infrastructure or energy services, then you’re probably a community energy group.  Typical examples include solar, wind, bulk-buy programs, energy efficiency, electric vehicle charging stations or even becoming a community-owned electricity retailer.  So long is it’s community behind the project then you’ll meet our definition of being community energy – that means the community has conceived, developed, owns or operates the project.  Sustainable energy products or services targeting communities or community members doesn’t equate to community energy – the community needs to be actively involved in the delivery of those products or services at some point.  Community-developer partnerships are valid, as are community-council partnerships.

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You can open this map of groups in new window for a larger view here

Source data on groups is available here

Energy Archipelago

Energy Archipelago is an international collaboration lead by Scene Consulting.  Community Power Agency are data partners for this global mapping resource.



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