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Unlocking the benefits of solar power for everyone.

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Australians love solar. Unfortunately, 35% of us are still “locked-out”, unable to get the benefits of rooftop solar; because we rent, live in an apartment, have a shady roof or we just can’t afford the upfront cost. The good news is that there is a solution – a solar garden.

Email your State Energy Minister to support the solution.

Recent research led by the Community Power Agency and the UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF) shows that Solar Gardens are the way to make sure everyone can access solar – regardless of the barriers they face.

Governments have a long track-record of supporting household solar, from federal rebates and feed-in tariffs, to the current schemes in NSW, Victoria and South Australia. If similar support was provided to locked out energy users to access Solar Gardens and other solutions, they would see significant bill savings and lower carbon pollution at the same time.

Locked out energy users are calling out for a way to join the solar revolution, that’s why we created the Solar for All Package so nobody is left behind.

Email your Energy Minister to join the call.
Specifically we are asking each Energy Minister to:

  • Fund real world Solar Garden pilot projects
  • Establish a means-tested Solar for All rebate

The Solar for All Package

With support from you and our partners (see below) we are now calling on State Governments to adopt the Solar for All Package.

Find out more

We’re releasing a series of articles on Solar for All and the emerging solar solutions that could flourish with the right support.

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