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Submission to Parliamentary Enquiry

Submission to Parliamentary Enquiry into the Feasibility of undergrounding the transmission infrastructure for renewable energy projects

E-CIS Extended Submission

Joint submission from Community Power Agency and RE-Alliance to ensuring the expanded CIS delivers for host regions.

Community Participation Webinar Series

Presented by our Director, Dr Jarra Hicks, in partnership with Sustainability Victoria’s Community Power Hub program. These webinars will take you through the process of understanding and analysing how the…

A Plan to Repower our Schools: New South Wales

In this report we collaborated with AYCC to crunch the numbers and show just how much solar energy could benefit NSW high schools.

Community Energy Map

Explore the CPA data base of community energy groups around Australia.

Regional Benefit Sharing Webinar

As more renewable energy project proposals spring up in regional areas, how can we coordinate benefit sharing initiatives to ensure the best outcomes for communities and avoid duplicating efforts? Our…

2023 Australian Community Energy Collective Impact Assessment

Our report on the collective impact of the Australian community energy sector, written in collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney and University of Melbourne.

Regional Benefit Sharing Discussion Paper

Our report on Regional Benefit Sharing – a concept to maximise benefits and minimise adverse impacts in the shift to clean energy.

Resilient Energy Centres How-to Guide

Communities who have their basic energy needs met during extreme weather will be better able to respond to these challenges. Develop your own Resilient Energy Centre with our how-to guide.

Small-Scale Community Solar Guide

This guide outlines what you need to know to get a small-scale community solar project off the ground.

Guide to Benefit Sharing for Renewable Energy Projects

Community benefit sharing is an important tool for integrating clean energy developments into local communities in ways that are positive, rewarding and beneficial for both project proponents and local communities.

Community Energy How To Guide

Our short guide to starting a community-owned clean energy project.

2015 Community Energy Collective Impact Assessment

Our 2015 report on the collective impact of the Australian community energy sector.

Victorian Guide to Community Energy

If you live in Victoria and are interested in community energy, this guide is for you.

National Community Energy Strategy 2015

The 2015 National Community Energy Strategy was developed to grow a vibrant community energy sector across Australia.