Let’s win a national Community Energy Plan

The Local Power Plan – a blueprint for everyday Australians to benefit from the coming boom in local, cheap and clean power.

Imagine a sunbelt of 10,000 locally-owned renewable power stations stretching right across the country, bringing new jobs, new opportunities and an infinite supply of cheap, clean, local power to Australia.

The Local Power Plan sets out a pathway to achieving that vision. But for this to happen, we need the government to act. Here’s where you come in – we need your support.

Send an email to Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor requesting his support for the Local Power Plan by:

1. Passing the Australian Local Power Bill 2020

2. Funding the Local Power Plan with $483 million over 10 years to support its three schemes:

       i) Local Power Hubs Scheme

       ii) Underwriting New Community Investment Scheme

       iii) Community Renewable Investment Scheme

Co-designed by Independent MP Helen Haines with experts including Community Power Agency and communities across Australia, this national blueprint will unlock the potential of community energy with a practical, realistic plan to bring cheap, clean, local power to all Australians.

Read more about the Local Power Plan here

The coming decade will bring a massive renewable energy boom to regional Australia. Everyone should be able to share in the benefits of that boom – new jobs, new income and endless cheap power.

Over 10 years the Local Power Plan would create thousands of small-scale renewable power stations and save millions of dollars in power bills. It will ensure that everyday Australians get a fair share of the jobs that will be created in renewable energy this decade. 

But that will only happen if we put communities at the centre of the transition. Sign the petition today and join the campaign for national community energy policy and programs.

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