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Understanding CE in Australia

Challenges and Opportunities of the Sector in Australia

This report maps the status of community renewable energy (CORE) in Australia (as of 2013) and outlines the key barriers to and opportunities for action. It provides an evidence base for the actions needed to grow a vibrant CORE sector in Australia. The study surveyed 28 CORE projects at various stages of development and 9 organisations involved in supporting the CORE sector. The work was conducted by the Community Power Agency in collaboration with the Institute for Sustainable Futures and Backroad Connections and was funded by NSW Office of Environment and Heritage Renewable Energy Precincts program.

National Community Energy Strategy

One of the key initiatives of C4CE to date has been the development of a National Community Energy Strategy (NCES). The purpose of the National Community Energy Strategy is as a shared agenda – vision, set of objectives and priority initiatives – to grow a vibrant community energy sector across Australia. The NCES outlines 34 priority initiatives across five key areas. Community Power Agency was a partner in the development of the NCES and we are proud to be working to progress a number of the priority initiatives identified.

Community Energy Collective Impact Baseline Assessment

This report is part of the Australian National Community Energy Strategy and has been co-authored by Nicky Ison. It offers baseline data and an interesting preliminary overview of the contributions that community energy is making in and the challenges it is facing. The report is based on results of a national survey of community energy groups and stakeholder workshop, where a set of shared indicators was developed and later used to collect the baseline data and to develop recommendations and specifications for the development of an online Shared Measurement Platform (SMP) and measurement and reporting framework, including structures, processes and possible funding structures for the ongoing management and operation. Fifty three community energy groups were invited to participate in the baseline assessment, of these data was received from 27 groups.

Community Renewable Energy in Australia: Exploring its character & emergence in the context of climate change action

Community renewable energy (CRE) is a relatively new feature in the bouquet of climate change action and renewable energy deployment in Australia. This academic article has been written by Franziska Mey and Jarra Hicks and was presented at the International EMES Conference in June 2015 in Finland. The article explores the scope and character of CRE in Australia and theorise why it has emerged at this time. In doing this the authors draw on two national surveys of the nascent CRE movement, one conducted in 2011 and the other in 2014, and present an analysis of the key characteristics of CRE in Australia and how these have changed over this time period. We apply social movement theory to analyse its emergence at this time and to compare movement drivers in Australia with those in Germany and Denmark, where CRE is most well established. Please download the manuscript here.



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