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Latest Submissions

A collection of the most recent submissions made by Community Power Agency to relevant reviews and consultations.

Homegrown Power Plan

The Homegrown Power Plan is a joint project of GetUp! and Solar Citizens and is co-authored by GetUp’s Miriam Lyons and Community Power Agency’s Nicky Ison (with input from many people).
The Homegrown Power Plan shows how we can repower Australia with 100% renewable energy by 2030. How? By rebooting our failing electricity system, removing the roadblocks holding us back, and investing in the renewables boom.
Importantly for community energy it sets out how we can transform our energy system to facilitate local community energy projects, incentivise developers to partner with communities and introduces a great community energy policy – Community Powerhouses. You can download the summary here, and find the full report here.

Renewables for All Discussion and Policy Briefing Papers

The ‘Renewables for All’ project is an initiative of the Coalition for Community Energy, led by the Community Power Agency and funded by Energy Consumer Australia that aims to significantly increase access to new energy technologies such as solar PV and battery storage to those customer segments that are currently not able to access them. A number of downloadable discussion and policy briefing papers were developed in the last 6 month. Please find them here.

Best Practice International Policy for Community Energy

The UK, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Austria, several states of the USA, Ontario state in Canada, Thailand, Japan, South Africa and the NSW State Government, among others, all have policy incentives targeting community scale and community owned renewable energy enterprise. This document outlines and provides examples of a range of financial and non-financial policy options available to support the development of a community energy sector. Download the document here.

Community Renewable Energy Fund – Marsden Jacobs Associates

This report by financial consultants Marsden Jacobs Associates was commissioned by Community Power Agency as part of Fund Community Energy Campaign.  The reports presents modelling done by Marsden Jacob Associates on the potential impact that a community renewable energy grant fund would have to renewable energy development and flow-on effects to communities.  The modelling found that $875m co-investment from the community could be realised through a $50m government grant fund. The expected benefits of a $50m grant fund are:

– 142,450 community investors, across Australian regions
– $875m total investment across 153 operational projects
– investment to grant leverage ratio of 17:1
– 326 MW installed capacity of solar, wind, micro hydro and bioenergy
– peak employment of 1,145 and maintenance employment of 137
– 4,277 volunteers by 2025
– range of technologies: solar (91), biomass (14), hydro (4), wind (44)
– abatement of 19.6 MTCO2.

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