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South Australian Energy Security Target – Briefing Paper

This submission is in response to the South Australian proposal of an Energy Security Target. It identifies concerns about the proposed policy’s potential cost to consumers, ineffectiveness at ensuring energy security at critical times and the risks to slowing technological innovation and South Australia’s role as a leader in the transition to clean energy. The submission was written by Nicky Ison, Founding Director of the Community Power Agency, and jointly funded and submitted by Solar Citizens, ConservationSA, the Australian Conservation Foundation and GetUp.

Preserve funding for ARENA: Submission to the Budget Savings (Omnibus) Bill

This submission sets out the vital role that ARENA plays in meeting three policy areas critical to Australia’s future – responding to climate change (AKA decarbonising our energy system), innovation (particularly R&D) and energy market reform.  The submission also makes the case that ARENA’s mandate should be expanded to help maximise the benefit of the renewable energy transition for Australian consumers, communities and the wider economy.

Joint submission to the Victorian Renewable Energy Auction Scheme Consultation

This submission is structured around two main questions – what should the 40% Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) deliver and how should the 40% VRET be delivered?

Specifically it calls on the Victorian Government to:

  • Establish a carve-out of their Renewable Energy Target for community renewable energy projects,
  • Develop a fit-for-purpose policy mechanism to underpin this community renewable energy target
  • Help drive culture and practice change within the large-scale renewables industry towards better community engagement and benefit sharing

The submission is supported by Solar Citizens, GetUp, the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance, Solar Share and Moreland Community Solar.


In the last month Community Power Agency either independently or through our role as Secretariat for the Coalition for Community Energy has pulled together further seven submissions to consultations and inquiries.

These include submission to the:

We were particularly pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to the current Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Community Energy Projects.  CPA founding director Nicky Ison also had the opportunity with Taryn Lane (Chair of C4CE) to address the committee and outline the potential role of community energy in the energy sector, the benefits of community energy, and put forward a number of ways the Victorian Government could support community energy projects in the context of existing regulatory and other challenges.

In our submissions Community Power Agency has particularly focused on called for jurisdictions to establish ‘Community Powerhouses’ – regional hubs to support community energy groups, councils, farmers and more with the advice, information and coordination they need to develop innovative and socially beneficial clean energy projects and initiatives.  Think Landcare for Clean Energy.



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