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Introduction to the Australian Energy System Training

Have you wondered what the Finkel Review is all about? Or why gas prices are so high? Or how we could achieve a faster transition to 100% renewables? CPA’s Introduction to the Australian Energy System Trainings could help answer those questions.

In November and December Community Power Agency is running three training events in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.  These trainings, kindly supported by a grant from Climate Action Network Australia (CANA), are tailored for campaigners, community sector workers and volunteers working towards the energy transition.

They will provide the participants with a solid understanding of how Australia’s electricity system works, an overview of the technology, policy and economic trends and a history of how we got into the current mess, so we can learn for the future.

The events will run over two half-days and cover the following points and aspects:

  • How the electricity system works in Australia
  • A brief history
  • Who’s who in the energy zoo
  • An overview of energy technologies – costs and trends
  • How we get to 100% renewables
  • An introduction to key energy policies and how they work
  • Talking through key concepts, events and ideas that are in the media e.g. South Australian black-out, what is this inertia thing, pumped hydro/Snowy 2.0 is it a good idea, batteries – what’s the deal, gas prices?

If we are going to achieve a faster and fairer transition to clean energy we need to have more power and a smarter approach to campaigning, policy and practical energy projects and initiatives, informed by what is happening in the energy system and what needs to happen.

REGISTER for an event near you below:


9 November

Friday, 10 November
9:00am – 12:30pm
Register here


14 November

Wednesday, 15 November
9:00am – 12:30pm
Register here


30 November

Friday, 1 December
9:00am – 12:30pm
Register here



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