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Turnbull’s Dirty Energy Target

The Bad

You will have seen the Turnbull Government’s announcement that the Federal Coalition is backing away from a Clean Energy Target (CET) and will instead be stumping for a dispatchable energy (read, fossil fuel) target.

This policy proposal is not just a threat to Australia’s national interest, but has the potential to hobble domestic rooftop solar and community solar and wind projects.

The Good

While Turnbull stays in bed with the fossil fuel industry, one federal MP stepped up and showed real leadership. Cathy McGowan, Independent MP for Indi spoke at length about the importance of community energy as part of Australia’s energy future.  She went further than that, introducing amendments to the ARENA & CEFC act to ensure these agencies better support community energy in the future.

What you can do

We need to make sure Government MPs know they’re undermining community energy groups in their electorates and show them what real leadership looks like. There’s nothing that puts the fear into a local MP like negative media, you can put your local Members on notice using the draft media release below. Just edit the template to suit your circumstances, send it off to your local outlets and make sure you let us know if your story gets up!

You can download the template media release below.


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