Expertise that enables

What we offer

Community Power Agency offers:

  • Knowledge of and connections with community energy projects and best-practice case-studies from across the world;
  • Years of experience in group facilitation and community organising;
  • Extensive research into the organisational, technical, economic, environmental and social dimensions of community energy;
  • Sophisticated policy analysis; and
  • Connection to the wider renewable energy and climate change sectors.

The Community Power Agency works alongside grassroots community groups to ensure that their project best meets their shared vision and community’s needs. We run workshops, undertake research, share knowledge and provide context-appropriate advice to help advance your project.

We work to support community groups in two main ways.  We offer either once-off support or ongoing partnerships. We will work with you to develop processes and content that suits your needs.

For more information about what we can do to help your group develop a community renewable energy project download our What We Offer document.

Community Energy Project Inception Workshop

The Inception Workshop can take your group through the process of articulating your shared vision for a community energy project. Through this interactive workshop, the group will develop a vision statement and key objectives to drive their project forward with shared commitment. The workshop also takes the group through a strategic planning process to identify the skills and community resources needed to deliver the project, the key areas of work and the next steps involved. You will end up with a plan to kick start your community energy project.

The workshop will:

  • Articulate the group’s shared vision for what they would like to achieve through the community energy project
  • Build your community’s knowledge about community energy
  • Familiarise your group with the most viable community energy business models in Australia
  • Identify the skills and resources needed, those available and those that need to sourced
  • Establish an initial structure to take the group forward and to assign roles
  • Develop a plan for the next steps toward making the project a reality

Download our Inception Workshop flyer.

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